Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Red Toolbox

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Are you familiar with the Lowe's Kids Build and Grow Clinics? I've taken my girls to these a couple of times and they have enjoyed it very much. Nevermind the fact that we usually have to ask for at least 2 more kits because we've managed to screw one up, the act of building *can* be therapeutic. It's also a fantastic practice in logic and following directions. And hammering your thumbs. Ahem.

The last time we did one of these one of my girls expressed interest in getting one of the kid-sized hammers for her personal use at home (don't ask). I, believing the best in her, thought it could be a super idea and I hunted around for one, but couldn't find one. I remember thinking at the time that it would be a smart move on the part of Lowe's to sell the tools they offered for use during the clinics because I couldn't have been the only parent hoping to find some of these items to use at home with my kids.

It appears Lowe's read my mind because low and behold, they now offer the Red Toolbox items. I love the tagline: Quality Time in a Box because...well, you probably should do this one WITH your child as opposed to just turning them loose with the items. What items am I talking about? These are actual tools in kid-managable sizes. They also sell building kits to use at home as well. I was recently sent the 8-piece tool set and two building kits. Take a peek:

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I took the picture in my basement for two reasons. The first reason is that is where we keep our regular tools, so it makes logical sense, right? The second reason is that that's where I'm hiding this treasure right now until it gets wrapped up for a certain build-happy child in my family. She's going to LOVE this. I guarantee it.

If you take a look at the Lowe's website, you will notice a whole variety of Red Toolbox items ranging from more kits, to a an actual red toolbox, to a pretty elaborate workbench. They've thought of everything and it's pretty cool. The prices are pretty reasonable as well.

Now you can win a set of Red Toolbox items as well. Up for grabs is an 8-piece tool set like you see above and two building kits (may be different than what you see here).
Here's how to enter:
1. Simply leave any comment on this post. That's an automatic entry.
2. For a second entry, visit Red Toolbox and discover one new item you didn't know about before. Come back and let me know what it is in an additional comment.
3. For a third entry, "like" Lowe's on Facebook and write something like this on their wall: I just entered to win a set of Red Toolbox items from the Half-Pint House here:! Come back and leave another comment saying you did that.
4. For a fourth entry, follow @Lowe's on Twitter and tweet this: Enter to win this super set of Red Toolbox items from @Lowes and @MeganDunham here:! Come back and leave another comment saying you did that.
5. For a fifth entry, write on your Facebook wall that you hope to win a the set of kids' tools and building kits from the Red Toolbox here: and come back and leave another comment for that one too.

The contest is open to US Residents only. The winner will be selected by The contest will close on Friday, December 10. The winner will be notified over the weekend and will need to respond within 48 hours or risk forfeiting the prize to the next in line. I can not guarantee you will receive this in time for Christmas, but we can hope, right?

Congrats to:
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Congrats! I'm emailing you right now!

See this post for the rest of this week's giveaways!
Disclosure: I was given the set you see above for the purpose of review and am seriously looking forward to using it with K8 after Christmas. Neither I nor Lowe's can be held responsible for any thumb banging that might occur at your house. You're on your own there. You can see my proper disclosure statement here.

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