Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kaleidoscopes To You

Picture 25 You've all had one of those $2 kaleidoscopes before, right? They look like a colorful cardboard tube and you turn the end which is filled with colored chips of something and they move when you turn it so that it makes cool patterns? They are neat, right?
What I'm about to show you is 100 times better. Trust me on this. It's seriously awesome. It's called Kaleidoscopes To You. Take a look:
Picture 27
It's beautiful. It really is. And the interesting thing about it is that instead of turning the end to see colored chips make patterns, you turn the entire thing and and whatever you are pointing at when you are looking through it becomes the pattern. Are you looking at your window? At your vacuum cleaner? At your dog? Whatever it is it turns into a really awesome and interesting piece of interactive art. And not only is it cool, it's lovely to look at. It will make an awesome decorative piece/conversation starter.
These are actually called Teleidoscopes. They are 5.5 inches long and made of laminated solid woods with Paduk and other hardwoods. The one you see above sells for $39.99

Would you like to win one for your family this year? Here's how you can:
1. Simply leave any comment on this post. That's an automatic entry.
2. For a second entry, visit Kaleidoscopes To You and discover one new item you didn't know about before. Come back and let me know what it is in an additional comment.
3. For a third entry, "like" Kaleidoscopes To You on Facebook and write something like this on their wall: I just entered to win a Teleidoscope from the Half-Pint House here:! Come back and leave another comment saying you did that.
4. For a fourth entry, follow @KaleidoKarl on Twitter and tweet this: Enter to win an awesome Teleidoscope from @KaleidoKarl and @MeganDunham here:! Come back and leave another comment saying you did that.
5. For a fifth entry, write on your Facebook wall that you hope to win a unique Teleidoscope here: and come back and leave another comment for that one too.

The contest is open to US Residents only. The winner will be selected by The contest will close on Friday, December 10. The winner will be notified over the weekend and will need to respond within 48 hours or risk forfeiting the prize to the next in line.
Congrats to:
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Congrats! I'm emailing you right now!
See this post for the rest of this week's giveaways!
Disclosure: I was given a one of the Teleidoscopes that you see in the above photo. It's true that it's expensive. It's also true that it is a very very very nice piece and we will keep it in the living room. I love it. I really do. You can see my proper disclosure statement here.

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