Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fan Frames

Picture 16
Have you seen those digital frames that rotate pictures through? I've only seen them in the stores. It's a cool concept for sure. Fan Frames take that concept and make it kid-friendly. Boy-friendly, to be specific.

In their own words,
"Fan Frames brings the game to any room with our exclusive sports themed digital picture frames.
Express your thrill for the game or give it as a gift to a friend or family member. Fan Frames products are perfect gift for any sports enthusiast on the field or off. Surround crystal clear LCD images in your favorite sports theme with this one-of-a-kind electronic picture frame.
Suitable for the game room, kid's room, family room or office; the Fan Frames All-StarTM line features a soft authentically textured plastic frame surrounding a LCD display. A great gift item for a parent or player anytime of the year."
It really is a cool item. We got a baseball one to review. Here it is from the front:

Picture 14
Here you can see it from the top down:

Picture 15
The one question I forgot to ask before I got it was this: "Is it Mac compatible?" Sadly, it is not. I plugged it in anyway just to see and it would power on, but would not load pictures from the Mac. It did take a regular photo card from our digital cameras and scrolled through what we had on the card just fine. I have no idea how intuitive it is via PC because I don't have a PC, but it really didn't look complicated. I think a PC user should have no trouble getting it to work.

These frames cost $59 each and you can get free shipping through the end of this month.
You can connect with Fan Frames on Facebook. I heard an internet rumor that if you become their friend you get a $20 off coupon. I don't know for sure, but it's worth looking in to!
Disclosure: I received the baseball fan frame you see above for the purpose of review. As stated, it did not work on my Mac, but should be fine on your PC.  See my proper disclosure statement here.

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