Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hello, Kitty!

The year was 1984. The town was Tulsa, Oklahoma. The mall was Woodland Hills. The fascination was Hello Kitty.

Hello, my name is Megan and I'm a Hello Kitty-aholic.

There was this tiny little shop called Sanrio next to some obscure shoe shoe I couldn't have cared less about in the 4th grade. Inside the Sanrio shop was a little girl's dream come true. Hello Kitty everything. And in 1984, everything was pretty limited to stationary items, but it still seemed pretty fabulous to me. I would bring in all the spare change I could find and scrape enough together to buy little stickers, pencils, notepads, and printed tape. I loved the printed tape. I hoarded it too, so that I still had a bit of my red Hello Kitty tape in my note card box when I went to college. True story.

Moving on, now. Today they really do make Hello Kitty everything. You can find Hello Kitty at Build-a-Bear Workshop. You can find Hello Kitty on clothing. You can find her on laptop sleeves and iPhone wraps. You can also find her in lamp form. This is the latest version of the coolest cat in town to come to our house:
Picture 2
This awesome Hello Kitty Table Lamp is available from Amazon for $30.98. She's going to make a pretty sweet birthday present for one particular tween in our family.

Yep. I'm passing on the love of Hello Kitty one cute item at a time.
Disclosure: I received this lamp for free for the purpose of review. I had to pull it out in secret to snap a photo so the girls wouldn't see it. I now need to go wrap it up. I like it very much. I think you will too. You can see my proper disclosure statement here.

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