Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Quagmire Crazy ColorFusion Shirts for Kids

Here's another blast from the past for you. Who here remembers wearing t-shirts that changed color when you touched them? It's okay, I'm not going to accuse any of you of being too young or too old to read my blog if you confess one way or the other. These were all the rage at some point in my past, but I can't really remember if that was middle school or jr. high. Those years are all just one big emotional blur.

Moving on, then.

Check out some of this action:

Picture 21

Picture 22
Remember now? They are back, this time in the form of Quagmire Crazy ColorFusion Shirts for Kids. How fun is this?

The polo-style shirt is known as the "Wicked" one and the t-shirt is the "Fusion" one. We received two of the Wicked style shirts to review and while my kids haven't wowed their friends with them yet (they will officially receive them this Saturday), I tried out the color change aspect just for fun. And it's fun. The shirts are a nice quality too. I think they will even be able to wear them to school because the logo is small enough (tough dress code we'vc got going on here...).

I want to go on the record here as saying that I don't believe all 80's trends should be resurrected (skinny jeans? NO. WAY.) but this one I can live with. I might try out the spiral perm thing again if I ever get brave enough to cut real bangs again. Ahem.
One of you is going to get to try out one of these awesome Quagmire Crazy Color Fusion Shirts for one of your kids!

Here's how to enter:

1. You have to work a little harder for this first entry. I need you to share your favorite memories of the former Hypercolor fad clothing from your past. It's time for a round of the clothing confessional. Out with it. Your secret is safe with me and the other people hoping to win this shirt. *grin*
2. For an extra entry, check out the Quagmire website and figure which style and color you like the best. Come back and let me know in the comments.
3. For a third entry, tweet this message on Twitter: Win a Quagmire Crazy ColorFusion Shirt for Kids via @MeganDunham here:! Come back and leave a comment saying you did that.
4. For a fourth entry, post this message on your Facebook wall: You can enter to win a fun Quagmire Crazy ColorFusion Shirt for Kids! Click here:
The winner will be selected by This contest will close on Wednesday, December 22. The winner will be notified pronto and will need to respond within 24 hours or risk forfeiting the prize to the next in line.
Congrats to:
Picture 55
Picture 56
Congrats! I'm emailing you now!
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Disclosure: I received two of the Wicked style shirts for the purpose of review. They are totally rad. I'm serious. See my proper disclosure statement here. That is all.

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