Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MomSelect Holiday Showcase

Picture 33Last month I was sent another box-o-wonder from Mom Select. The purpose of this surprise was to showcase some great gift giving ideas by way of Christmas party action.

The majority of the things in the box were perfect for very young kids and my kids are just a bit older than that, so I brainstormed and came up with the plan to invite our 5th-7th grade girls' Sunday School class over for our Christmas party. This is one super awesome group of gals:

Picture 31
So why did I invite a bunch of older kids over if the toys were geared toward very young? Here's why: Our church gets involved with the local school district to provide Christmas gifts for two needy families every year. We choose a couple of names off the tree to wrap up these fun gifts for.
Take a peek at what was in the box:
Picture 22
Some of the things MomSelect sent over didn't quite make it into the photo (it's so darn hard to get all the right photos when you have a houseful of girls to be with at the same time, you know what I mean?) Here are all the things they sent us:

To be perfectly honest, the box of Little Debbie's was pretty smashed by the time it went through UPS and made it to our door. This didn't bother my two youngest one bit who took it upon themselves to take care of said Christmas Cakes. I made cupcakes to serve on the plastic Christmas platter they sent us instead:
Picture 27
We also had pizza. And cookies. And punch. Come on, it was a PARTY, for crying out loud! *grin*
We played some funny games:

Picture 28
And we wrapped up the gifts for the families from the Christmas tree:

Picture 29
And a great time was had by all. The girls enjoyed the evening and loved being a tangible part of providing for kids in need.

Thanks, MomSelect, for the toys and goodies! You helped make our party one to remember.
While it's obvious from my post we received a lot of goodies for free, I wanted to let you know I have a proper disclosure statement available here. That is all.

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