Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazing Cows by Sandra Boynton

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I have been a fan of author/illustrator Sandra Boynton for just about forever. Or at least since 1999 when I started hunting for new books for my first one-year old.

We have almost all of her books.  The first three that pop into my head as absolute favorites are:
Moo Baa La La La
Snuggle Puppy 
Barnyard Dance!
Seriously. What's not to love? These books will have a permanent place in our family collection because we love them *that* much.
So when I heard she recently released Amazing Cows: Udder Absurdity for Children, I was instantly interested.

This book is different in that it's aimed a little higher, with the intended age being 4-8. It's not a board book either, but a 9"x8" paperback with 96 pages. And it's filled guessed it - udder absurdity for children.
I present you with an excerpt:
Cow Story (on page 12):
Once upon a time, there were 137 cows who lived very happily on a lovely farm in North Dakota or something. Their names were Ezekiel, Ted, Rose, Carumba, Andrew, Mitch, Cucumber, Sly, Simone, Clark, Milo, Gorgonzola, Bipsy, Debit, Louise, Jean-Pierre, Walter, Helicopter, Zorro, Big George, Vladimir, Dave, G. K. Chesterton, Mimi, Lightning, Victor, Larry, Cruise Control, Nell, Azalea, Cookie, Angel, Xavier, Sneaker, Orwell, Trouble, Stanley, Fred, Sofa, Lillian, Ezra, Scooter, Myron, Zippy, Chaos, Daffodil, Buzz, Brewster, Gabby, Dink, Mosquito, Emmy, Trixie, Jupiter, Jeremiah, Tyler, and Steve. The remaining eighty cows were all named Tino, which was not a good idea.
Perfect Boynton style. I hope she continues to produce books that will appeal to an older child (as well as young ones still too). This book is DEFINITELY a keeper. And at only $7.88 a copy, it's a steal! Get one for every child you know! You won't be sorry.

But you can win one right now. Here's how:

1. Simply leave any comment on this post. That's an automatic entry.
2. For an extra entry, check out Sandra Boynton's website and tell me what you like best about her. Her website fits her writing style to a T. I LOVE her!! Come back and let me know in the comments.
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The winner will be selected by This contest will close on Wednesday, December 22. The winner will be notified pronto and will need to respond within 24 hours or risk forfeiting the prize to the next in line. This giveaway is limited to a US address only.
Congrats to:
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Your winning streak continues! :)
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Disclosure: I received my own copy of Amazing Cows and was also given a copy of her Mom's Family Calendar 2011. I could gush some more, but you get the point. I LOVE SANDRA BOYNTON AND WILL LOVE HER BOOKS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. See my proper disclosure statement here. That is all.

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