Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Review: Huggable Teddy Bears

Now *this* is what I call a huggable teddy bear. Seriously. I'm of the opinion that stuffed animals are a dime a dozen and I don't really choose to buy many (any) for my kids, but don't mind if they keep ones they are given. But I've been around the teddy bear block long enough to know that not all bears are created equal.

There are definite quality differences in the way various bears are made. And this guy? Well, he's a $40 bear. That's a bit on the high end in my estimation, but he's certainly a cute, soft, squishy bear and my girls love him. Well, the ones who have seen him love him. He's actually about to be wrapped up and presented to a certain soon-to-be-9-year-old next week. She's going to LOVE him.

The Huggable Teddy Bears website has a nice variety of Valentine's Day Bears and other Valentine's gift options as well.

I really liked how they put together some of their gift baskets. This Fun and Games Gift Basket would make any kid's day, don't you think?

The service was great and the shipping was super fast from the time my order was received. If you needed a quality gift to send to someone this would be a good site to consider. That's my honest opinion.
Disclosure: I received the bear you see in the photo above. I wasn't sure we needed another bear, but when I pulled him out of the box, I knew. He's a keeper.  I keep a proper disclosure statement available right here.


outofthoughts said...

This little bear is adorable!! Your little girl will love him.

cstironkat said...

I don't mind paying for quality and it is good to know that this bear holds up to those standards. It is adorable and I'm sure any child as well as some adults would love it.

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful bear!

khluckylady said...

I love this bear, Im checking into the valentines options to get for my grand daughter for valentines day!!!