Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giveaway: Natural Ant Killers, Organic Insecticides

Okay, here's the deal with this one: we have a natural pest killer right now and that is our 5 degree weather and heap of snow outside. We haven't had any pests to deal with in a few months, but it's Missouri and spring is on the way. The bugs...lo, they will return. And when they do, I'm looking forward to trying out some of our new organic insecticides to see how they work against the things that make us go "Eeeekkkk!"

I've tried a variety of ant killers before, so I'm really interested to see how this natural ant killer does. And palmetto bugs? Ewww. That's a nice way of saying cockroaches and stuff. I hate those. We don't have any here, but if we did I might move. Kidding. Sort of.

Here's what EcoSmart has to say about themselves:
EcoSMART Technologies, the world leader in safe pesticide solutions, is a venture-backed company with patented technology and a world-class management team. Our mission is to create the world’s safest, most effective pesticides based on natural ingredients. We have 15 years of scientific research and a wealth of patents behind us. We make the only 100% safe insecticide that is proven to work. We offer the only complete line of EPA exempt pesticides sold in the US.

EcoSmart has four different value bundles available:
  • Safe Home Value Bundle
  • Safe Plant & Garden Value Bundle
  • Safe Picnic Value Bundle
  • Safe Patio Value Bundle
So. Now you have the chance to win one of these value bundles for your very own fight against nature with that time returns. And you know it's going to...

Here's how to enter:

  • Simply leave any comment on this post. Share why you want or need the value bundle  That's an automatic entry.
  • For a second entry, Check out the EcoSmart website and learn something new. Come back and let me know what you discovered.
  • For a third entry,  tweet this: Win a value bundle of organic insecticides via #EcoSmart and @MeganDunham right here: - Come back and leave an extra comment letting me know you did that.
  • For a fourth entry, mention this contest on your facebook wall and include the link to this giveaway: Come back and leave another comment for that one too.
  • For a fifth entry, "like" EcoSmart on Facebook and mention you entered this contest on their wall, including this link to the giveaway: Come back and let me know you did that.
  • For a sixth entry, subscribe to this blog, St. Louis, Seminary Style. Come back and let me know that you did it! 
  • Go back to my landing page for this week's giveaways and reviews. Choose one of my "review only" posts to leave a comment on and then come back saying you did that. Presto! A 7th entry!
This giveaway is only open to the US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii (so sorry!) The winner will be selected by This contest will close on Friday, January 28. The winner will be notified over the weekend and will need to respond within 48 hours or risk forfeiting the prize to the next in line.  IMPORTANT: You must make your email address available for me to contact you. If I can't contact you, I will choose another winner. It's happened before.

Congrats to:

Congrats! I'm contacting you now!

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Disclosure: I received my own safe home value bundle for the purpose of review. So once those critters come back, WATCH OUT! I'm going to go all Clark Griswold on them, organic style. I keep a proper disclosure statement available right here.


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing this, Megan! I'm going to be prepared for spring and summer's ant ATTACK! (I'm a new follower & also Emily's mama) Keep up the great bloggin'!

merrymom said...

yeah, ants have never been our issue... until we moved here! this last summer they were exploring through my kitchen window. this looks promising!

Blommom said...

This looks interesting. I've been using some "Natural" cleaners that I got a good deal on, and they seem to be working just fine.

Stacey said...

I'm trying to use more eco friendly items this year and would love to give these a try.

Stacey said...

Just vistited the EcoSmart site and found out that Meijer carries these products.

Stacey said...

tweeted here:!/kawsarani/status/29656261192585216

Kelly said...

We would love the value bundle because even in the winter, we have disgusting thousand-leggers. I think it's the basement. I want them to leave and never come back. My cat stalks them at night. So glad I've never seen my 15-month-old near them. Ugghh.
reporterkc at hotmail DOT com

Kelly said...

I learned their insecticide is made naturally from plant oils. Neat and safe for toddlers!
reporterkc at hotmail DOT com