Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Polly Pocket Pollyworld House and Cutant Dolls

My girls loves them some Polly Pockets to be sure! We have a plethora of Polly Pockets already, but we didn't have any of her stuff. Thanks to Mattel, now we do.

In December we were sent this Polly Pocket Pollyworld House Playset and Polly Pocket Cutant Doll and Pet Assortment to review. It was instantly whisked away to be combined with our other Polly Pockets and my younger two girls have really enjoyed playing with these additional pieces.

The Pollyworld House Playset is selling on Amazon for $24.17 and the doll/pet sets range from $7.65-$24.95.

Bottom line? We're fans. Thanks, Mattel, for the new toys!
Disclosure: We were given these toys in December, presumably to review before Christmas. However, they did not arrive until just a few days before Christmas and I didn't post reviews that week at all. After Christmas it's all been a jumble and I'm still catching up! We really do like the toys, though. Very much.  I keep a proper disclosure statement available right here.


cstironkat said...

I like Polly Pocket because the kids are inspired to use their imaginations while playing with these toys.

Dave and AnnLouise said...

They are so small and fold up easily and so take up little room.

Team Rehmer said...

I love all the bright colors